Terms of Service

By accessing Our website or accessing any of OmegaBerg's Products or related services, the members/users/participants agree to all the terms and conditions of the agreement listed below.

OmegaBerg's services will only be provided under the conditions stated.

No matter your current status of affiliation with OmegaBergs, if you are found to be working with any malicious entity in relation to OmegaBerg's Marketplace, then your access can be terminated instantly upon our developer's discretion.

By purchasing any of OmegaBerg's software the purchaser and all related parties forfeit their right to open and initiate any chargeback or dispute. Doing any of the aforementioned will result in termination of service without warning.

Any attempt to reverse engineer, crack and/or send any sensitive data that relates to the OmegaBergs and its services, including keys, software, etc. will result in termination without notification or a refund.

OmegaBerg's services are meant for educational purposes and strictly for OFFLINE USE (such as an OFFLINE LAN hosted server with the affliated AC(anti-cheese) ex. Battleye,xigncode ands on, not running, any use of the service online is not endorsed or condoned by OmegaBerg's Marketplace or his affiliates), OmegaBerg will not be held accountable for any sanctions you receive on any accounts the service is used on.


Refunds are per digression of OmegaBerg's Marketplace. You must consult with Owner to request a refund before charging back on paypal , or debit card. By using our discord server you are agreeing that you may not get a refund for our services or products listed on our site. Virtual items will NOT be refunded if you have changed the account information or if the accounts becomes banned due to a fault of your own. Once the account information has been sent and by logging into the account you agree to wave your rights to refund. However, if the account has NOT been used or logged into by any way and you may request a refund at the digression of the site admin by contacting OmegaBerg#2978