Sea of Thieves

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This cheeze is crazy.. It is like no other.... Most cheeze are people pushing out many cheeze for many games.
It seems like the guy that made this cheeze is 100% SOT focussed. Everything is thought out and finely tuned for a good gaming experience.
The ESP hides/reveals things as u need them. Stuff on your ship is hidden from the ESP by default(can be changed). For example ammo boxes/pouches only show if you need ammo.
When you pick up a crate that you want to sell it shows all of the people on your current island you can sell it to.
All islands show on the esp. Small islands are hidden unless you use the spyglass or you are nearby(by deafault).
Treasure dig spots are all shown if you are holding the relevent map or the spade.
All ships in the server are listed down the side of the screen along with all the members of that ship and what they are currently doing. Also shows what the ships water % is, so you know if your enemies are close to sinking.
There is a "wheel bot" which lets u set a course and the cheeze will keep you heading in that direction. Crazy useful if you are in a storm.
Fishing bot will fish for you, works perfectly.
Your session stats are shown, Money earned etc.
Ship aimbot is good, shows all the spots to hit for each hole and also shows mast/cannons/wheel/anchor, and players on the ship. Aimbot auto adjusts for cannonball/chainshot/player in the cannon(deckshotting players every time is crazy).
Once a hole is fully broken it will also remove that spot fromm the aimbot and auto move to another spot so you dont waste balls on already destroyed spots. It will also show if someone is fixing said hole.
There is a compass at the side that shows your sail direction and the wind direction. Ship speeds are also on display for you and all nearby ships.

There are some downside though, namely buying the cheeze.
If you are looking to buy with paypal there is no automated system, and there is a higher price than what is listed. You need to make a ticket either on their site or on their discord server(i reccommend the discord server as the site seems to be largely ignored.).
The client itself is rather overcomplicated, it could be done so much better.
I would also say the discord is poorly designed, there is 1 "chat" for all of their cheeze combined so if you want to talk to/get info from other SOT users you have to scroll through the chats of users for all of the other cheeze provided.

All being said, if you want a cheeze for SOT this really is the one. Unless you want that crazy stuff thats gonna get you banned.

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