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Store purchases only accept cryptocurrencies. If you want via paypal please check the other thread

How to buy via crypto/store?

1. Click Store

2. Choose a product

3. After clicking a product, Scroll down and Choose a subscription

4. Click Add to Cart 

5. Choose review and check out

5. Then checkout

6. Place order and pay (note: If you have a coupon code, use the coupon code first before you PAY and APPLY COUPON

7. Choose a crypto for way of payment


After paying, wait for it to arrive and when get completed on the ecommerce website, It should be on "PENDING" while its being processed. If it takes too much time more than 1 hour Please kindly open a SUPPORT TiCKET for assistance.

8. Finally, Your keys can be found here :

9. Loader should be here


Most of the time after buying the product from our store, you can check your email address and see the full instructions and link for loader and key.

If you need further assistance, Open a support ticket here

Automatic payments will be added once the Store is available. However we can only accepted BTC and Cryptocurrency payment via store. For paypal payments you will be needing to open a ticket on support ticket 

We only accept paypal payments via Friends and Family. If you're not able to send via Friends and Family we suggest that you make an account on Coinbase or

You will be needing to verify and register to their website. On how to buy bitcoins use google or go to their support page. It's easier since bitcoin payments does not have fees and the transactions will be faster

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