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As a cheat provider we believe that security of our service should be at first place and we require our users to submit an application.

In application title write games you are applying for.
In your application post please provide personal information:


  • Game you're applying for
  • Discord ID (If you have discord)
  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your country of residence
  • Your previous cheating community experiences
  • Links to your profiles on other cheating related websites
  • Where did you find Omegaberg and/or friend inviting you

Attach a picture of your national ID card OR passport OR driver’s license + selfie as explained below:
On piece of paper write word, your username and date of application.
Your full name, picture, date of birth and the date of expiration need to be visible on your ID/passport/driver’s license. You are allowed to hide everything else.




This picture will be securily stored on our server and only administration has access to them.

Your application will be reviewed in 24-72 hours.
If you did not posted any of required information your application will be declined without reviewing.

Send the application form HERE

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