Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Omega

Guaranteed Safe
Constant Update
Dedicated Support
Easy to use
Works for all windows version


  • Smart Aim: aim markers with some prediction shows where to aim. There are markers for all lower damage zones, mast, players, rowboats, powders, loot etc. This is great way to safely improve your success. Works for Harpoon and Cannon (Detects normal, chain and player ammo types).
  • Weapon auto aim: Aimbot for weapons/guns. Toggle targets: Enemies, alliance, skeletons, powders, animals. Some correction for gravity and movement. It is fully external and simulating mouse movement, so wont hit every time but is safer.
  • Menu: High quality menu with over 300 options and 40 colors to adjust.
  • Fishing bot: Catch your fish every time! The bot will continue until your inventory is full, or fishing is cancelled. Can use bait and you can specify which fish to ignore.
  • Ship Wheel Bot: Keeps desired heading even through the worst storms. (edited)
  • Onboard ship: When you go onboard a ship, information about ship, sails, wind are shown. You can toggle island categories to always show or only onboard ship. You can also hide loot on your own ship.
  • Ammo Crates: Show when you wield a weapon needing ammo
  • Barrels: Always show premium items (Pineapple, firebomb, anchor ball etc). Show food if your low on health or wielding food. Show wood if you wielding wood etc. Can also show full content if you walk up to it.
  • Voyage Island: Show and highlight islands that crew or enemy have voyage on
  • Animals: Show chickens if you carry a chicken coop etc.
  • Crates: Wielding a resource crate will make ESP filter barrels and only show and highlight the type that can fit in the crate.

Default Hotkeys can be changed in the menu:

  • F5 - HUD Players, HUD Server info, HUD Voyages
  • F6 - Misc. Shows everything (All filters off)
  • F7 - Hide loot
  • F8 - Gamertags, real or fake names
  • F12 - Exit
  • INS - Menu 


  • Ship: List of all ships + distance within ~3500m. All ships with reapers mark or in alliance with unlimited range.
  • Players: List of all enemy players within range
  • Misc: List of misc items like storm, skelly clouds (all types). (TIP: If you don't see any cloud listed here, you can wait a few minutes before leaving an island to avoid kraken)
  • BootyItem: List of all booty items like reapers chests and FOTD key with unlimited range. (You need to be within 50m of a ship to load)
  • Shipwrecks: List of Shipwrecks that have ever have been within 3400m range. One blue list for new wrecks, and one grey list for wrecks seen in last 30 min. Blue arrow pointing to nearest new wreck!
  • Server Info: List of all ships and players on server. Server uptime.
  • Wallet: Session currency earned
  • XP Info: Session XP earned for all factions
  • Misc: Your location, water in ship, ship speed.
  • Arrows: Arrows for wind and sails direction.
  • Compass: High quality animated compass with pointers to nearest outpost, sea post, sea dog vendor, sea dog chest.
  • Voyages: List of all voyage maps from all players in range with the faction and island name. (Useful to surprise an enemy and hide, where they are likely going later)
  • Warnings: Warning in center shows: Oxygen < 100% - Ancient skeleton spawned - skelly with gunpowder very close - Your ship water level, even when out on an island - Mermaids and sharks when in water - Storms < 1200m - Kraken <500m - Megalodon incl type - Volcano < 1000m warming up - Fort key - Box of secrets - Food on Cooking Pot is Cooked.


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