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Undetected  Testing  Detected  Updating
8 Ball Pool
Ark Survival Z
Arma 3 Z
Arena of Valor Mobile
Apex Karma
Apex Omega
Brawlhalla Omega
Battlebit Remastered FEC
Battlebit Remastered Primal
Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 Karma
Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 FEC
Call Of Duty Mobile VVIP
Call Of Duty Mobile - Emulator Pharaoh
DayZ - Z
Day Z Linear
Dark and Darker
Dead by Daylight Fecurity
Discord Services
Evil Dead KEK
Elden Ring Omega
Escape From Tarkov Z
Escape From Tarkov External
Escape From Tarkov Internal
3on3 Freestyle steam
Farlight 84 Mobile
Fornite Karma
Fornite Omegaul Visual Only
Fornite Omegaul Slotted
Fornite FEC
Fifa 23 Premium
Freestyle 2 Private
FreestyleFootball R
HWID Spoofer
Hyper Omega Spoofer
League Of Legends Phantom
Modern Warfare 2
Mobile Legends VVIP
Mobile Legends NUI
Overwatch 2 Omega
Outlast NexNET
PUBG Mobile
Rainbow Six Siege Linear
Rainbow Six Siege TF
Rocket League AI BOT
Rust Linear
Rust Slotted
Spoofer - COD Blocker
Sea Of Thieves Elite Public
Sea Of Thieves Elite Private
Sea of Thieves Omega
The Division 2
War Thunder Lean
Valorant Omega