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  1. Sea of Thieves It took me a bit of time to have a full opinion about this hack. Its a very nice and stable hack I really like. Looks beautiful and the aimbot is much better than some other paid hacks out there. Very good precision, also the cannon aimbot is great! The general overview is a bit confusing first but once you get used to the menu its simple to understand. I see some spots for improvements (may more for personal habits) but nothing serious. If you ask me to rate this hack I would give it a 9/10. The 1 missing point is about some small tweaks and more possibilities to customize the hack even more. (Like different ESP distances for each option or more enable/disable/only on ship options on certain things but its still functional and good set-up like it is actually. [Will suggest some things I am thinking about soon so this review may change to a 10/10 rating.]) Speaking of setup, it was easy to install, no problems and the customer support were helpful in answering questions before even purchasing the hack. Nothing to complain here, fast easy and user-friendly. I think Omega is a very good cheat provider and therefore should always be considered before purchasing from someone else. Sadly there are no trial or 1 day keys available to test it out but be sure you wont regret it anyways.