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8 ball pool update released!

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Changelogs : 


- fixed loader registration issue.
- fixed delay between angle steps no effect issue.
- fixed 8BP stuck on loading issue upon using auto-queue.
- disabled find-best-shot feature in 9 ball game for better and fast performance.
- partially recoded the prediction functionality to match the game exact results (9 ball game should be fixed now!).
- fixed various issues in loader.

- added customizable delay + limit coins counter for auto-queue.
- added option to toggle full power on break.
- added extra humanization for angle rotation
- added emulate power dragging feature (con: it will block the PC input while dragging the power bar!)
- added customizable step size for emulate power dragging feature.
- added extra check for black ball cushion mode.
- an update button should appear if a new version is available.
- the ability to close from task bar.
- added double check option for 9 ball game.
- added customizable delay after nominating a pocket.
- added customizable delay before releasing the power.

Download : 


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