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10/10 Elden Ring!

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This is a post quoting my review of the product from ElitePvPers' Omegaberg post for Elden Ring:



This product goes crazy. Don't hesitate to buy a subscription for this product, the seller is providing something high quality. I was kindly asked to review here on Elite, and I honestly have no regrets. Everything was a cakewalk; the purchase, the setup, and the excellent support. As for features? They're all exactly what you could hope for in a product for Elden Ring.

10/10 isn't good enough of a rating, honestly. Thank you for providing an undetected product with all the features you could want! For anyone interested, here's a detailed rating of what I thought;

Ease of Purchase — 10/10. I've not purchased with PayPal, but I'm sure it's just as easy if not even easier.

Features — 10/10. They've labeled all of the features that are "risky" so as not to get manually banned (if From even cares to do that for this game). 95% of the features are working as intended, and they're plentiful. The ones that aren't are getting looked at as we speak!

Support — 10/10. The quick response from the website developer as well as the owner was something to admire. Unlike other competitors, they were fast at responding to my interest despite originally only wanting to purchase a 1-day subscription to test the product first. Without delay, I got the product immediately, and they even have a sense of humor. What more can you ask for other than friendly and fast service?

Excellent product, and an even better team behind it. Go ahead and purchase if you haven't already, it'll make your Elden Ring experience even more fun, and it's safe!

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