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My experience with The Division 2 chair and some practical tips for a smoother game experience.

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First and foremost I’ll describe my experience with it for the benefit of potential buyers. (And include some tips in brackets if it enables a smoother experience for that particular option)


One liner: It is the best TD2 chair out there and I will rate it 10/10.


It has all the necessary features that you will ever need. The ESP is the highlight along with magic bullets. The ESP has never failed me. It activates the moment enemies spawn or other players spawn near us. (Practical tip- keep the ESP settings as it is and don’t change the range. However enable esp options to mark npcs as it’ll help you identify nearby activities like hostage situations as you could see 2 green esp markers near enemy markers. This is super helpful while free roaming heroic map with all directives for easy xp farming).


Aimbot is the only 9/10 in the entire options. First let’s talk about the normal aimbot without easy aim. This locks us to an enemy and if the option to lock to next enemy is on then it looks weird to other players in our team. So easy aim has to be turned on when playing in a group. But easy aim is the option that caused crashes for me. When I turned it on aiming seemed more natural but caused multiple crashes. (Practical tip - turn easy aim off and either forget about the fact that it looks weird for teammates or know how many bullets will kill a type of enemy so you can stop aiming after firing those many and then aim to next enemy) Apart from this, all other auto aim functions work flawlessly. The hit box feature for head, body and random works great (I suggest using random hit box so your stats in Ubisoft website looks more natural - rather than saying for example 80 percent of your shots are headshots which seems weird). 


Then comes magic bullets. It’s a perfect 10/10. Goes through walls, goes through ground. Combine it with esp and auto-aim and you will be unstoppable in legendary PvE and DZ PvP. ( F11 and F1 are your friends here. Most legendary bosses needs you to destroy weak points before killing them. F1 turns on the weak points first option. Shooting in this option may not seem to do anything like damage but is actually destroying weak points. Once done press F1 again and just blow them up to pieces. If you need to shoot down some environment elements, turn off the cheat using F11, destroy it and turn on the cheat again using F11)


Overall the chair is superb and I will strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a TD2 chair.


Some practical tips to reduce crashes and have a better gaming experience.

  1. Follow every steps (except the disabling secure boot) in the download page of the launcher.
  2. Optionally you can keep the firewall turned on if you are just using windows defender and not any other antivirus, provided you exclude the folder where the launcher is kept from real-time protection and scanning.
  3. Always execute the launcher in admin mode. Make sure the icon appears in your taskbar before opening Ubisoft connect or the game.
  4. Playing division with boarder has reduced crashes for me by a lot. (I had experienced a crash where my full screen will go to window with boarder and then black out the game and it goes unresponsive. To prevent this I tried playing in window and the total crashes came down by an exceptional amount). Also many people in our discord server got better results when playing the game at 120 hz refreshing instead of higher ( I haven’t tested this though).
  5. You can set options in F10 menu even without launching the game. But turn on the menu using F11 only while you are in game.
  6. Use hold shift to run fast option in sparse and don’t use it when people are around. Even though the chair is safe, you can be banned if enough people report you.
  7. Hold bullets and fast reload options tend to cause more crashes. So use them with care.
  8. Very Important - If you are using faster rate of shooting option make sure the modified rpm of your gun never goes above 1000 rpm. For example you can’t set the option to 2 and use bullet King (this effectively raise the rpm above 1000 rounds per minute and will soon bug out your game). If you use this, eventually your game will stop registering hits and enemies won’t die even if you are shooting them. The work around is to restart your pc and wait for a few minutes before starting TD2. So use this option only with low rpm guns like shotgun, rifle and marksman rifle. 
  9. Finally try to keep a normal appearance. Once in a while play without chair and let your bullets miss a lot so the stats in Ubisoft site remains normal.
  10. Also if you need teammates for raid join the discord server and in TD2 role chat find the clan to join.


A big thanks to Omegaberg for his wonderful efforts.

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